Saturday, April 18, 2009


These beautiful jelly fish that I find so ashtonishing can be seen in Gijón aquarium, don´t miss them .They´re mysterious , elegant and dangerous too. The first time I saw one diving I nearly lost my breath to be so close to such a fascinating creature. As I neither moved nor tried to touch it, we nearly became friends. When I went up to the surface I was elated,exhilarated. The sea can provide you with such happiness that we must be aware of the dangers the creatures living there have.

- Homework: The compositions you had for homework were collected and the exercises in St. b. pg 74 and 75 were checked.
- Grammar: the contrast about the present perfect and the simple past. St. B pg.138 with the rules and exercises. Grammar books, unit 20 to see the topic in more detail and a handout to do orally to check you had unterstood it.
-Reading and speaking : a pair work activity about two film celebrities . you had to read their biographies, write questions and fill in the missing words about the.
- Listening: File 6. Two simple and easy listenings to be marked.
- Speaking: Describing a picture with a guide with the basic aspects to deal,eg. prespositions, present continuous, there is/are , modal verbs and used for -ing.
- Homework:Describe a picture I gave you and wok. pg.60 ,61

- Homework: Wk, pg 42,43. and grammar ,unit 10. We also saw unit 13 and 14 that should be a review about the simple past and present perfect.
-Grammar: With a handout we saw examples and inferred the rules between the present perfect and the present perfect continuous. I hope all this is clear now.
- Speaking: Animals: what animals are you afraid of? , pets, insects. Very peculiar ideas came out of this activity.
- Listening: St. b. pg 71 . Protecting animal or protecting people?. a true-false activity as a warm up of the following activity.
- Speaking: A debate for or against , learning to agree and disagree with other students. I gave you a handout with the most useful expressions and started listing ideas about animals, hunting, experiments and so on.
- Homework: 45,46 and get the debate ready for Thursday.

Remember, we´re in a rush and there´s no time to lose, so, please ,make a final effort , come to class and do your homework .