Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is one of the most thrilling experiences I´ve ever had. It´s not dangerous if you follow the instructions given by your diving instructor. What you can´t do is to panic because you lose control of yourself and your emotions and then you´re lost since nothing can be done unless you get over it and keep your mind cold. Diving a a very good way of controlling your mind and subconscious feelings of fear. When you overcome it, you´re proud of yourself and you´ll find it easier to sort out problems in your daily life.

- Homework:Grammar,unit 9 :I have/I´ve got. Workbook,p.10,11.
- Listening: St.B. p. 11. "What´s the word?" , a contest where the contestants have to find out a word with a given definition.
- Vocabulary. Paraphrasing: an interesting way to make yourself understood when you don´t know the exact word. e.g: it´s something, it´s how you feel, it´s like....Some words to be defined as a practice.
- Speaking: Two activities : a gap filling activity and a card game to use relative pronouns
- Writing: St.B. p. 13. Describing yourself, an e-mail with some mistakes , reading of the mail and answering questions about it.
_ Homework: Grammar, unit 101. Relative clauses:who, that,which. Wk: p. 12. A composition for 4th of November: a description of yourself

Here you have a song, Alberto Pintos has sent me. He´s a former student of mine who still sends me songs, so take him as an example and do the same!