Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Homework:Grammar, unit 94 about frequency adverbs. Wk:p.6,7
- Phonetics: Rules for the 3rd person singular in the simple Present tense. Repetition of sounds and words.
- Vocabulary: Part of the Body. St.B. p. 8: match the words to their drawings. Vocabulary Bank. p. 146. Another matching exercise . Test your partner.
- Phonetics: vowel sounds. Diptongs . St. B. p.8. Read and classify the words under the correct phonetic symbol.
- Grammar: "At the Moulin Rouge". St. B. p. 8. Picture description using the present continuous and prepositions of place. Answer the questions about the painting . Choose between the simple present or the present continuous. Grammar Bank. p. 126 . The basic rules and two exercises. Grammar, unit 8, the rules.
- Listening: Answer questions about "The Moulin Rouge" and match the numbers with the people in the painting.
- Homework: Grammar, unit 8. Wk: p. 8,9.

Here you have some useful words and expressions for your book reviews. You can start working right now! BOOK REVIEWS.

- Homework: Wk: 1A, Grammar, unit 49.
- Listening: Abba, a song. St.B.p. 10. A matching exercise, e.g. shake---hands, a reading of the song and vocabulary. A fill in the blanks exercise.
- Vocabulary: TV and Radio. Vocabulary Bank.p. 145. We checked the words and completed a passage . We found examples for different kinds of programmes.e.g: documentaries, talk shows, the news.... Test your partner to see how many of these words he can remember.
- Speaking: St. B. p. 11 about the previous topic. An exercise to improve fluency, that is, the ability of keeping a speech going without hesitations or lack of ideas.
- Listening. St.B. p. 11. Order the ideas states and tick the statement in which the speaker agrees or disagrees with them.
- Grammar: Agreeing and disagreeing with "SO and NEITHER" . We did the activity and I handed you in a photocopy with more exercises about it.
- Homework: Wk. section 1B and photocophy with "so and neither".
Exercises with SO/NEITHER