Monday, November 23, 2009


Neyla, thanks a lot for this video

- Homework: Wk.p.16, grammar, unit 107,108, both chapters about the prepositions "in,at, on".
- Grammar: Questions with:
- auxiliaries :do/does/did
- subject and object questions
- prepositions at the end
- Wh- questions
- Listening: St.b.p. 22 "One October Evening"Listen to the story . Books shut.
- Reading : Same page. Order the sequence of the story. Play the tape again to check.
Answer questions about the reading.
- Grammar: St.B.p 22 .Linking words: so, but, because, although. St.B.p. 128 Grammar Bank .we saw the rules and did the exercises.
- Vocabulary: St.b.p.23 Verb phrases, e.g. knock on the door, be in a hurry..
- Homework: Grammar, unit 45,46 about questions

- Homework: Wk sections 1C and 2A
- Speaking: Picture description with photos and the instructions I gave you for this purpose. Time to get it ready then a description of the photo and finally correction of mistakes on the blackboard. The second stage was to do the same activity in pairs.
- Listening: "The Changing Face of Beauty" linking it to the video we saw last Thursday. Exercise and audio.
- Book Review: I gave you a handout with vocabulary , structures and content to make a good book review. I´ve got copies and you can also download it if you click the label "book review" and find it because the same topic is dealt with for NB2 students. Make sure you get your level. A book review has to be ready for mid-December. Remember you can borrow books from the library of the English department.
- Homework: Wk, Reading p. 12 and another reading on p.16.

Thank you very much, Romina for this song.