Wednesday, November 25, 2009


- Homework: Grammar, units 45,46 about questions
- Grammar: Grammar, unit 47 , more questions: what colour, what size, how tall..
- Grammar: Linking words: and, or, so because. Unit 97. A story to complete with linking words and unfinished sentences with a linking word given.
- Phonetics: St.B.p. 23. Letter "a" e.g: panic, later, saw dance, along. Listen repeat and classify.
- Speaking: Retell the story of Hannah and Jamie following the drawings.
- Listening: St.B.p. 23. End of Hannah´s story. complete the blanks and then listen to the end of the story making guesses about what´s going to happen.
- Homework: Grammar, units 47,97 and speaking

- Homework: Workbook . two readings, one on page 12 and the other on page 16.
- Grammar: futer perfect and continuous. Grammar Bank,p. 132 ,we saw the rules and the exercises, and also in your grammar ,unit 24 where we saw the rules with more detail.
- Practice : a handout with the future continuous and another with mixed future forms: simple, perfect, continuous ,going to, present continuous..
- Homework: Grammar, unit 24, about futures and workbook p. 17
Romina, thank you again for the songs you send me. they´re of a great help.