Monday, November 30, 2009


- Homework: Grammar, inits 47 about questions and 97 about linking words.
- Speaking: With photos with the handout I gave you to state your ideas and follow a logical order.This activity took us a great deal of time.
- Book Review: In spite of being posted in this blofg since October, nobody didn´t even have a look at the rules and ideas . I made copies and we went thorugh them in detail. Here you have the BOOK REVIEWS.

-Homework: Grammar, unit 24. Wk.p. 17
- Speaking: Photo description and mistake correction.
- Vocabulary: St.B. p. 148. Science and Technology with very useful words of today´s life like modem, memory stick, a book mark and so on. We did the activities and then you tested your partner´s memory.
- Speaking: St.B. p. 27 Science and computers.
- Phonetics: St.B.p. 27 the "Y" sound which can be pronounced in several ways . Listen to some statements and check your pronunciation mistakes.
- Homework: Speaking: Describe a photo .

Thank you Alberto for your song.Your contributions are always welcome. I wish my students did the same!