Sunday, November 15, 2009


This photo was taken at my godson´s birthday.
In the background of the photo there are a lot of tables. Over a table there is the birthday cake with a candle.In the blackground I can also see a green umbrella. My godson is wearing a red dungarees with a white T-shirt. He has a dummy tied in the dungarees. He is wearing a white hat. He is like a rap singer. I´m wearing black T-shirt and jeans and white glasses. This day was a very funny day and the weather was perfect, it was a sunnyand warm, perfect.
My godson and other people had a good time because my godson didn´t stop playing and we laughed all his pranks.
I hope we can repeat more birthdays for many years.

This is a Photo of a landscape. There is a couple of women with warm clothes. They could be having a photo takien. In the middle of the photo the women are crouched down in front of a ship. They are wearing black coats, jeans, and scarves. One of them is wearing a white cap. In the middle of the two girls there is a panel with information about the ship.

This fantastic ship is long and it is painted in red and green. It is hard to see its sail

In the river there are two white ships too. On the right, the more modern ship is covered with a roof and windows. On the left there is the oldest small ship.

In the background there are small bushes in the river banks You can see the roof of two houses and other trees.

The season seems to be autumn because the women are wearing scarves and caps and the trees have the colour of this season.

This photo reminds me of my last holidays in Denmark. I went in October with an other girl to see my best friend Marina.


This is a funny photo of Oxford with my school friends. I met them in Regent School in London and I had a good time that month with them.

In the middle of the photo there are four girls and a boy jumping in a pedestrian zone near some trees. They look happy and they are smiling. On the botton, you can see their shadows what show their body reflection like a mirror. On the right I ´m wearing a pink and white sweater which I bought in Oxford the same day when this photo was taken since that day it was sunny but the temperature was cold.

On the right a boy is looking at the scene and he seems surprised, he might think “This people are crazy!”. He doesn’t seem to be cold because he is wearing a t-shirt.

In the background there is an old building, it may be a castle or a church. There are many windows but all are closed. Next to the castle, there is a modern building with big windows and a tall chimney, you can see people inside .It might be a restaurant or a typical souvenir shop. Near the door, I can’t make out what the woman is doing, but she looks as if she is wearing a traditional dress and she is waiting for the customers.


Romina, thanks a lot for the song.