Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Last summer, Iwent to Portugal with my parents, we went by plane and I stayed in lisbon,in a hotel with a swimming pool and a lot of gardens.
I visited a lot of places. I saw the centre of Lisbon and other cities
I saw museums, scultures, parks,squares...
I learned many things because Lisbon is a very cultural town and it has a rich history and many legends.
I went for ten days, there ate the traditional food of Lisbon and only drank water because I don’t like anything else.
I had good luck because the weather was good :every day was sunny.
I went shopping just to buy too many things I love, I bought clothes an d souvenirs. For my friends and family I bought postcards of the places I had been.
I drove back to see Galicia, which is very beautiful, and also to see family and friends I have there. I hope this year is similar to or better than last year.

This photo is “Boca do inferno”, Cliff is a very famous and is in Cascais near Estoril where is a famous casino. There are many people lose all their money and decide to commit suicide by jumping off this cliff.