Tuesday, January 05, 2010



“Two lives” was written by Helen Naylor in 2001.
I chose this book because I like romantic stories . This is a love story of a young couple Megan and Huw that live in the village of Tredonald, and their love remains till the end of their lives. This book is divided into two parts. The first part is about love between Megan and Huw when they were young. Huw had to go with his father to work to another city and their love ended.
The second part is fifty yearslater. It consists of the love between them when they are old. They return to find and write each other until Huw decides to go to see her. Huw discovers that during all this time that Megan and he have a daughter together . Megan is on the verge of marrying her boyfriend Paul. But they don´t do it because Huw has come back to appear in Megan's life
At the end Megan and Huw decide to spend the rest of their lives together.
I think that this book is one of the most entertaining that I´ve read in English. I recommend it to you because it is a very nice story.

The Great Gatsby is a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the Great Gatsby the reader is taken into New York. The narrator is Nick but the main character is Mr Gatsby, his neighbour.
The story begins with Nick´s visit to his sister Daisy and her husband, Tom. In this visit Nick meets Tom´s mistress, Myrtle, and he listens for many times to his neighbour´s name.
Some time later he finds out that his neighbour was his sister´s boyfriend when they were young and they are still in love . So Nick and his girlfriend, Miss Baker, organize a date between Mr Gatsby and Daisy.
Days later, everybody goes to New York: Daisy and her husband, Nick and his girlfriend and Mr Gatsby. In this trip Tom finds out that his wife and Mr Gatsby are in love and they have an argument. So Mr Gatsby and Daisy decide to escape but in their escape they run Tom´s mistress over. They don´t mean to do it.
Myrtle´s husband looks at Gartsby´s yellow car and he goes to driver´s house and shoots him.
Finally Daisy can´t carry out her dream:to live with Gatsby for the rest of their lives.
It seems to me that it´s a good book because it mixes love with a bit of intrigue. In my opinion the end is unpredictable because I think that Daisy and Mr Gatsby will live their love but it isn´t like this.

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