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I have chosen this book because I think that it is right for my level in English and it is easy for read.
The book is a police story. A policeman wants to find a murderer.
The police want to find a very important murderer, the man who murderer the President. Felix is a good policeman and the Chief of Police wants Felix to find the murderer and bring him back, dead or alive.
The story takes place in an imaginary country, and it is set now because the police have modern arms. But I think that the country is very small, the people know the news very quickly.
The President of a country (we don´t know which) is murdered. A new President is elected, but he´s very friendly with the police and the army.
A man escaped from prison. He´s Alex Dinon, he´s a writer and he knows the name of the killer.
It´s necessary that Dinon doesn´t talk, so the police and the army are looking for him dead or alive!!.
I like this story because I think that the author wants to mean how much corrupted the police is . The best part of the book is when the people help Alex Dinon. They don´t believe that he´s the murderer.
Finally, I think the story has an effect on all readers because the principal theme of book is about the injustice.
I can recommend ewverybody this book because it´s the story of a writer who wants to know the truth about a president´s murder and for that he is murderer too.
JENNIFER BASSETT has been a teacher in England, Greece, Spain and Portugal. She is the current Series Editor of the Oxford Bookworms Library, and has written several other stories. Now she lives and works in Devonshire, in the south-west of England. She enjoys going for long walks across the quiet Devon hills, and she thinks of plots for stories while she is walking.


Love actually was written by Richard Curtis and it shows the real love problems between some couples.

I have chosen this book because I know that there is a film which is based on this book, I have to recognize that, although it´s a very famous film, I have never seen it, but of course, I have heard about it, so the title wasn’t something new for me. I knew that it tells a romantic story and I like reading this kind of books.

In this book, there is a connection between many of the characters; they are relatives, friends, work colleagues or they are in love; and the author wants to tell us their story

Everything takes place in different places of London.

The book begins with the story of a rock star who is recording a new song and he has some problems because he has got a peculiar personality.

In another part of London, Jamie and Katya have an excellent relationship, but one day, Jamie comes back home and discovers that his girlfriend has a romance with his brother Chris; so he decides to go to his farmhouse in France, where he falls in love with a young girl from Portugal: Aurelia.

The Prime Minister, David, few minutes after meeting Natalie (a member of his group of employees), falls in love with her. Although he knows that they will have some problems, finally he decides to talk to Natalie and confess her his feelings.

The day of the weeding between Peter and Juliet, Peter’s best friend Mark, is recording all the time with his camera. When Juliet asks him for the video, he doen’t want to show it to her because in the video it only appears Juliet. Actually, Mark is in love with his best friend’s wife.

Daniel is really sad because his wife Jo has died and now, he is the responsible of his stepson Sam. Daniel thinks that Sam is living a really bad moment for Jo´s recent death , but Sam (who loves her mum, of course), is really disappointed because he is in love with a girl who is very popular at school, Joanna. Daniel tries to do everything to help Sam.

Finally, in an office in London, Harry (the boss), is trying to help Sarah, because she is in love with Karl, her work colleague. At the same time, Mia Harry´s secretary is in love with him, and this situation affects Harry’s wife Karen.

In conclusion, I have to say that Love Actually was a really good choice. The book is easy to read, because there’s not a complicated vocabulary, and it is very amusing. It tells the typical love story but it isn’t relating like other love stories. There are a lot of love stories inside only one.

Now, I definitely have to watch the film, because I’m sure that it will be fantastic.

I would like to recommended this book to all my friends (especially girls), but I know that they have already watched the film and I don´t believe that now, they want to read the book. I can try it anyway.



Homework: We checked the exercises from the first set I gave you,present perfect with just, yet and already.

Grammar: We went on to do some more exercises from the second set , also dealing with the preseent perfect.

Speaking: A pair work activity to practise the grammar seen before. " haven´t done it yet"

Grammar: The difference between the present perfect and the simple past. Grammar, unit 20 : rules and exercises.

Speaking:"Have you ever been to Italy?" when?,who with? ... and other questions with the simple past.

Writing: I asked you to write a definition of friendship for Saint Valentine´s contest.

Reading: St.B.p.44. Section 4C ,"Faster, Faster".We only had time to read the introduction, ckeck the pessimistic mood and coross out the comparative forms that were wrong.

Homework: Finish in the second set of exercises those related to the present perfect and the simple past, and in the first set ,do sections 43 and 47.



Homework:Grammar, unit 37 ,requests, offers,invitations. Wk.p. 33,34,35

Grammar: comparative and superlative adjectivesand adverbs. Grammar, units: 105,106,107,107. You should know what it is about, so I consider it as a review.

Speaking: St.B.p. 55. appearances in men , women, money, designar clothes...

Listening: a song by Shania Twain "That don´t impress me much" with gap filling exercises and finding synonyms.

Homework: Grammar, units 105,105,107,108


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