Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Homework: wk. p. 39. grammar, unit 93 (word order)
Speaking: Directions with a map and the structures at sight on the blackboard. Pair work and a lot of practice.
Listening: More directions you had to follow to reach a final point on the plan. More oral practice.
Reading: St.B.p 64. "If sth bad can happen, it will" about the first conditional. The beginning of the reading titled"Murder on the orient Express?" and complete the story bu adding a condition to the sequence
Grammar: St.B.p. 136. Grammar Bank. rules and exercises.
Reading and speaking: St.B.p. 65 "Murphy´s Law". an activity about Murphy´s Laws you had to complete , a sort of matching exercise.eg. If you wash your car...it´ll rain .
Vocabulary: St.B.p. 64. confusing verbs. such as lend-borrow, meet-know...
Homework: St.B.p. 50,51, Wk.p 49,40.
* Don´t think this level is far too easy for you, your speaking and writing skills have to improve a lot and , besides they show your command of the language as they´re the most active and creative skills , try and speak and write more and better.