Thursday, March 04, 2010


I´m afraid I can´t go to class today. I´m very sorry for the trouble I´ve caused you but both yesterday and today have been hectic and I have had hardly time to inform the head of studies. As I´m not totally sure if on Monday I´ll be ok , please browse the EOI web page : where you´ll have accurate information about teachers´attendance to class.
In the meantime you should carry on working.
- Here you have the same listening about directions we did last time in class and the audios : activity 1, 2 and 3
- Another listening about directions with its exercises and audio
- Some exercises about the first conditional
- Grammar, units 59 about possessive adjectives, unit 70 about "go home, go to work"... and unit 71 about " like/hate exams, music" (without the definite article)
- Speaking: Practise asking for and giving directions with the plans you have. You can also go back to a post in Christmas with many photos .