Wednesday, March 17, 2010


These activities are for my NB2 students. This first set is easier than the others I´ll post next week.
All these exercises have been taken from the book Instant Pet. Cambridge.
- Reading 1: Reading the signs . Answers
- Reading 2: Didn´t you notice the notice?. Answers
- Reading 3: Mixed messages. Answers
- Reading 4: Exam style task

- Writing 1: After the show. Answers . Audio.
- Writing 2: In other words. Answers
- Writing 3: Exam task.
- Writing 4: Message in a bottle. Answers.

- Listening 1: Distinguishing features. Answers. Audio
- Listening 2: How do you know?. Answers. Audio
- Listening 3: Look at the time! .And now for the weather. Answers. Audio
- Listening 4: Exam task. Answers. Audio
I must apologize because the quality of the recordings is not very good. I still have to learn more about it.

This is the speaking guide you should know by heart.
Wednesday, 16,December,2009. In this post you have plenty to practice you speaking skills

Grammar ,units:
- 64 : A an.
- 65: Flower(s), buse(s) . Singular and plural
- 66: A car/some money 1 (countable and uncountable)
- 67: A car/some money 2 (countable and uncountable)