Monday, March 15, 2010


I´m afraid what I´m going to tell you isn´t good news: I had had an operation at the beginning of the month, nothing really serious but rather uncomfortable . I was told to rest and not to lift any weight at all, which I did ;however and to my disappointmet, the doctor has told me that the scar isn´t any better . So I´ll be on a sick leave until the beginning of the third term.
In the meantime I´ll post exercises of the four abilities: reading, writing, listening and speaking with their answers , so that at least you won´t feel as frustrated as I am. Feel free to send me the compositions, exercises or doubts you have . Give me some time because I have to work for both basic and intermediate level.
ALBERTO PINTOS has sent us this song. You know my taste in music is more than old fashioned, so I welcome all the songs you like and can be easily heard.