Monday, April 26, 2010


El Torreón” is located in El Condado, in the town of Laviana, province of Asturias. It is a medieval fortified tower
ROMINA ALONSO has sent us this beautiful photo. Thanks very much, Romina
Homework: Only Clara did her homework and ,as a result I got angry . Write a story about "I felt awful because I couldn´t help him/her" .It has to do with this topic. I´ll collect it next Thursday.Remember that you cand send them to my mail, there´s no excuse.
Speaking: Shopping. A pair work activity we started doing last week. I grew angried when I realised that some of you hadn´t done anything.
Listening: A mock exam for Certificacion. Very easy I must say.
Grammar: Prepositions of movement. St.B.p. 134. Rules and a couple of exercises
Speaking: St.B.p. 117. Cross country . To plan a race that your partner will draw on his book.
Writing: A very useful handout about linking words with many examples, writing letters and punctuation. You should keep these photocopies when it comes to writing a composition and doubs about spelling , connectos or the layout of a letter pop up.
Homework : Some exercises about verbs followed by infinitives and gerunds and expressions of movement.
Homework: Only Inma gave the composition you had to do for homework.Please, it´s a serious matter, do it and I´ll collect it next Wednesday.
Vocabulary: Crime and punishment . some more words and expressions related to crimes and and court.
Speaking: St.B.p.84. Questions about crimes, juries, judges, had to give me your opinion and support your ideas with examples.
Speaking and Listening: St.b.p. 85. A photo of someone stealing from a car, car theft, to describe. Then after the listening there were a couple of questions and 10 true-false statements.
Reading: a mock exam for Certificación.
Homework: I distributed photos for the speaking exam. you´ll describe them on Wednesday. a reading on St.B.p. 86, about trials and also remember to study this specific vocabulary.
As usual, ALBERTO PINTOS NOVO has been so kind so as to send us a beautiful song. thank you Alberto.