Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Homework: some exercises on verbs followed by infinitives and gerunds and also modals
Reading: a mock exam for Certificación
Speaking: St.B.p.59.Sports.
Reading: St.B.p.59 A memorable match with vocabulary related to the topic.
Speaking: St.B.p.68 "Are you decisive?", a quiz just to check whether you are decisive or not.
Listening: St.B.p. 68. "Are you decisive?"with the modals verbs may and might. Listen and complete the dialogue.
Grammar St.B.p.136 with the rules a two exercises. Grammar, unit 29 . It´s about might.
Homework: I gave you some photos to describe on Thursday. Grammar, unit 29 (might), St.B.p.62,63. A review of unit 5

PABLO GONZÁLEZ has sent us this song. Thank you,Pablo. Your next song shouldn´t be so hard.