Friday, April 09, 2010


Hampton House is a short story written by Jenny Dooley. I´ve chosen this book because I like mystery tales of haunted houses.
The main character is Kathy, a new girl in town. She works for Helping Hand, a club that help people who can’t do things by themselves. But their offices are going to pull down and they need to find a new meeting place.
One day, she goes to the Old People’s Home to give out books for the old people who can’t get out of bed.
In room sixteen, she meets a mysterious lady, Miss Emily who tells Kathy about her job when she was young. She worked for Lord Hampton as a servant in a beautiful house. Lord Hampton was a rich man and a cruel master who didn’t care about his employees.
Kathy was curious and she thought that maybe, the deserted house will be a perfect place to the new office.
Kathy and the young people of Helping Hand go to the old house, but only she comes in it.
Once she is in, she hears a voice who invites her to sit and take a delicious food. Then, the voice invites her to come back another day.
When she goes out the house, she tells them this story, but they don’t believe her.
Next day she comes back to the house and the voicegives her a gift: a diamond heart with a chain, and it tells her, that the jewel belongs to her.
The voice is Lord Hampton´s and when he was a poor child, he stole the jewel from Kathy’s grandmother. He sold it and became a rich man. Once he gives back the diamond heart to its owner, the curse disappeares and Lord Hampton finds peace.
Days later, Hampton House is pulled down, and the new Helping Hand club’s office is built there.
This book is quite amusing. However, I expected it to be more intriguing. The story is a little incoherent, because some characters (as William, in example) know things that they couldn’t know unless they were fortune- tellers.

The Vegas Hills carnival mystery
The Vegas Hills Carnival Mystery is a book written by Michelle Brown. It's a mystery story (as the name of the book).
The book tells the story of five teens that have a club that organizes all types of jobs.The teenagers are called Mike, Jess, Kate, Dawn and Jeff. Mike and Jess are boyfriends, and Jess is the creator of the club.
The story takes place in a town near Los Angeles called The Vegas Hills.
As every year, Thompson's Halloween Carnival comes to town, and they want to go. Kate has a babysitting job, so she goes with the child to the carnival. But there is a the haunted house and a man tells her to stay away from there. Shortly after Jess goes to the carnival with her boyfriend Mike, and meet Anne, an Indian girl. Jess is moving away from their friends because of Anne.
Kate goes to the library to find information about the Indians, and discovers that 100 years ago an Indian girl had died in Thompson's Halloween Carnival. After that, she sees an Indian chief who gives her a talisman, and says that Jess mustn’t ride on the Ferris wheel. She alerts his friends and go to save her. They defeat Anne (who is the ghost of the dead girl 100 years ago) Jess and save with the help of the talisman.
I like this book a lot, because it is very entertaining, it has got mystery ...
It is very easy to read too, so people who do not like reading will enjoy it.
The best part is the end when the boys save Jess.
This book brings to mind the value of friendship, because true friends are always when you need them
Homework: Compositions were collected and a set of phoytocopies about conditionals I and II were checked.
Grammar: Some more exercises about conditional II what we didn´t do was left for homework on Monday.
Listening: A sample of a certification exam . Multiple choice.
Listening: A situation at a restaurant with two people and a waiter. The quality of the sound was awful, I must say. I´ll bring the tape next Monday. At least we saw the basic structures. Bear in mind that this sort of activity is essential for the interaction part of the speaking exam.
Homework: Some more exercises on conditional I and II and study the stuctures and vocabulary for a role play on Monday.
Homework: Reading, St.B.p.73, some photocopies about the present perfect simple and continuous and grammar, units 86,87.
Grammar: St.B.p.75 Get it right and grammar, unit 98.
Speaking: St.B.p. 75 "Can you remember?" , about situations in their lives to put into practice these adjectives in -ed and -ing, eg, bored, boring.
Grammar: Test your tenses. To use all the tenses seen up to now.
Vocabulary: Odd one out. to pick up the word that doesn´t fit in the group and say why.
Homework: Debate For and against , grammar, unit 98, workbook,p,47,48,49.
Listening: A sample of a certification exam, not very easy, I´m afraid.