Tuesday, April 13, 2010


- Homework: Exercises on conditionals were checked.
- Reading: A mock exam was done. It was just a part of aCertification exam. You´ll have them back as soon as I have marked them.
- Writing: St.B.p. 61. A formal e-mail. We saw an example ,ticked the topics mentioned and studied the rules for formal writing, e.g.no contactions. There are two different topics for you to pick up and write one to be collected next Monday.
- Speaking: Restaurant. A dialogue in a restaurant with two people who go for lunch and a waiter. Role play swaping roles. Then we moved no to a pair work activity, linked to the first part of the exam, the interaction where questions and answers about a particular topic are made.
- Reading: S.b.p. 52. "Are you a party animal?" . a reading with gaps to fill with verbs followed by infinitive.. Rules were inferred.
- Grammar: Grammar , units51 (verbs followed by infinitive) and 54 (infinitives of purpose).
- Homework: a composition for next Monday. Grammar, units 51 ,54, Workbook, p. 40,41.
- Homework: Grammar, units 98 (adjectives ending in -ed/-ing) and units 87, 89 (about quantifiers)
-Vocabulary: Word building, a pair work activity to transform words
- Listening: Song "You´re so vain", script
- Reading: A reading mock exam of multiple choice.
- Writing: A for and against essay . You were given a photocopy with all the steps to successfully fulfill this task and also another set with linking words and examples.
- Speaking: We had the debate about killing animals , but as there were no time left, I put it off for Wednesday.
- Homework: A for and against composition "Killing animals" and do exercises nº 3,7 and 12 of the writing handout . Grammar, units 87,89 (quantifiers) . Here you have some more exercises on quantifiers with their answers to do at home. Please, ask me any doubts you have in class.

Thank you ALBERTO PINTOS for the song. you´re always of a great help.