Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Homework: Exercises about infinitives and gerunds.
Speaking: For those students who hadn´t done their descriptions on Monday .
Grammar: St.B.p.56. "How much can you learn in a month?" Match notices to meanings. Rules of Have to and Must. Grammar Bank.St.B.p. 134 with the rules and a couple of exercises. Grammar, unit 33 dealing mostly with Have to.
Reading: St.B.p.56,57. "How much can you learn in a month?" About a journalist who had to learn a foreign language in a month. Some questions to answer.
Listening: St.B.p.57. Based on the previous activity. A true-false listening played three times.
Grammar: Have to and Must with exercises for homework.
Vocabulary: St.B.p. 57. Modifiers such as quite, really, very, incredibly...
Vocabulary: St.B.p. 58. Expresions to do withj sports: play, go, do.
Speaking: About sports.
Speaking: Interaction: to complain in a hotel.
Homework: Get the interaction ready for Thursday, the exercises on modals.
Homework:Grammar, units 92,93,94 about defining relative clauses
Grammar: Units 95,96 about non defining relative clauses. We saw the rules and examples
Listening: a mock exam for June tests
Writing: Writing letters: an application letter. We saw a couple of models: the ideas, laylout and basic rules to write a formal letter of this kind.
Homework: Grammar, units 95,96 and some more exercises on relative clauses