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The ₤1.000.000 Bank Note

The ₤1.000.000 Bank Note, was written by Mark Twain. It is a love story .I´ve chosen it because I like the tittle.
The novel tells the story of Henry who managed to be rich for a bet. The story begins so.
Henry was working in the offices of Blake Hopkins in San Francisco and he had a very small salary. One Saturday , he sailed out too far. The strong afternoon wind pushed his sailboat out of the bay, into the Pacific Ocean, and when he was lost, a small British brig saw him and took him on board. The brig was sailing to London. When he arrived in London, his clothes were old and dirty, and he had only one dollar in his pocket. He was hungry, saw a pear in the street, and when he decided to get the pear one gentleman opened the window and invited him to his house. There were two old gentlemen and they were discussing something important. They had made a bet several days before,they were going to bet 20000 pounds that the stranger was living for thirty days with the banknote wasn’t going to prison.
They gave Henry a letter with a banknote worth five million dollars, and at the end of 30 days, he had to return to the gentleman’s house, and if they won the bet, he could have any job with any salary that he wanted.
He opened the envelope some hours later and read the letter. There wasa banknote worth five million dollars .He ran to the house of the two gentlemen to correct the mistake. But they had gone to the Continent. He did not know what to do, if he was going to the bank of England to return the banknote, the bank could ask him lots of questions. He decided to keep the bill for a whole month.
Henry bought everything he wanted without money. He showed his banknote and asked for change, but every time the same thing happened. No one was able to change it. He bought all that he needed and all the luxuries that he wanted. He stayed at an expensive hotel although he planed to pay back everything to the shop owners who sold him things on credit.
His story was in the newspapers “strange millionaire with the million-pound note in his pocket”.
He visited the American ambassador and he invited him to a dinner party that evening.
When he went to the dinner party, he met Portia Langham and they fell in love in two minutes.
When he went to the dinner party, he met Portia and they fell in love in two minutes.
He loved Portia and asked if she could go with him to see the two gentlemen because he was going to need the work to pay his debts.
Finally, the end of the month arrived. When they arrived, Henry gave them the banknote, and they gave him a Certificate of Deposit for ₤200.000.
Then Portia kissed a gentleman on the mouth; he was his father....
Portia’s father took the banknote and cashed it. Then he gave them the cancelled banknote as a wedding present. They put the banknote in a picture frame and hung it on the wall in their new home.
The protagonists are Henry, Portia Langham and the two gentlemen.
I like the story because talks about the honesty.

The talent f Mr. Ripley is a novel by Patricia Highsmith. It is a famous English book which has lot of editions and a film. It is boring in the beginning but after that it is an amazing novel.
Tom Ripley is a man globe trotter who is living in America and has the good or bad luck to bump into Mr. Greenleaf in New York. That man offers Tom money if he comes back from Italy with his son, Dickie. That is for Tom a lot of money . Mr Greenleaf wants Dickie for his family businesses to deal with his responsibilities. Dickie is living in Mongivello with his girlfriend with a life representing everything that Tom has always felt he deserves but has never had.
Tom goes to Italy and using his talent and can make Dikie´s and Marge´s friend (his girlfriend) and enjoy his newfound "brother" and he greatly improves his lifestyle.
Then Tom, month after month, falls in love with that new lifestyle so he forgets his main task and wastes his time. Dickie is tired of Tom by his attachment to his life and plans a trip by boat to San Remo as a kind gesture. Ripley murders Greenleaf onboard.
Later Ripley assumes Greenleaf's identity . Tom lives Dickie´s life until Milles ( Dickie´s friend) visits the supposed Greenleaf's apartment in Rome. Immediately Miles suspects from Tom and start to arguie and finally Tom kills Miles.
Ripley gets saved being himself and moving to Venecia. Greenleaft and the American police confort Tom murderers and he considers murdering Sherwood (Dikie´s father), but when he finally realises that they have accepted his story,he changes his mind.
Finally Tom travels to Greece and here he discovers that Dickie´s accept his death. Tom finishes rich and in the end of the book he thinks he could be caught by police.
This is the talent of mr. Ripley a story and a novel about Tom´s paranoia and his special talent to adapt.
Homework: Exercises on modal verbs: have to and must
Speaking: Interaction. Complaining in a hotel.
Listening: complaining in a hotel. St.B.p.24. Pair work .Try to remember as much as possible of these dialogues.
Speaking: Going shopping. We followed the book St.B.p.60 with a listening and a guided dialogue of people going shopping
Writing: How to write a story step by step.
Vocabulary: St.B.p. 134. Expressions of movement.
homework: A composition for next Monday. Speaking:going shopping.

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