Friday, April 16, 2010


Homework: The compositions you had to do were collected. Grammar, chapters 52,53. Very few students did these activities. Remember that you are responsible for whatever you do and if you don´t like the finals results of your exams, don´t put the blame on the teachers but on yourselves that don´t work enough.
Reading: A mock exam for Certificación.
speaking: Interaction : pair work activity about ordering at a restaurant. Photo description with the guidelines I gave you at the beginning of the course. some of you worked pretty well but some others had a lot of fun and made quite a lot of noise. Well you know you also have to be responsible for your behaviour.
Grammar: Infinitives and gerunds.
Homework: Finish the exercises on infinitives and gerunds of the photocopies.
Homework: An exercise with words with two meanings and some compositions. Those of you who still haven´t done it, please hurry up because there is no time to waste.
speaking: Photo description . The students who didn´t do it wil speak next wednesday.
REading: a mock exam of ceritificación
Writing: how to write formal and informal letters.
Grammar: Relative clauses. We saw the rules and grammar ,units 92,93 94 about defining relative clauses.
Speaking: St.B.p.84. "Caught in the act". A picture with the scene of a robbery . you had to look at it for 30 seconds and with your books closed ,give me as many details as possible.
Homework: Grammar, units 92,93,94.