Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques

“Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques” was written by Steve Nilson in 2001.
I´vw chosen this book because I can learn new technical trading systems, and I can use it in my PhD project.

Candlestick Chart are known by European investors few years ago, but Japanese investors are using this kind of charts since XVI a.c. This book explains the emotional state of mind behind each pattern, and the book shows a practical example with each pattern. I think that Candlestick pattern can be used in Spanish continuous market, although some studies describe that Candlestick patterns can not be used in efficient markets, but nowadays there aren’t any efficient throughout market, like E.Fama explains in his PhD project. “Efficient Market Hypothesis”.
In short, I recommend this book to all kind of traders, from a person who is beginning to study the stock markets to a person who has worked with shares and future several years.

The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera was written by Gaston Leroux. It is a mystery novel very famous in the world. I recommend this book to anyone who likesreading. At first I think that the novel was very difficult to read but then I found it very funny.
Strange things are happening at the opera in box five and in general in all the opera. One man dies in a cellar… etc. The employees are beginning to be afraid, they don´t not understand what ishappening and they are very superstitious.
The managers (who have plans toclose the opera) of the opera receive a letter in which, the phantom of the opera proposes his conditions. Giry never has any problems with the ghost, because she respectes him decisions.
The managers, very afraid accept this proposal in which they must give 20.000 points every month and lleave to participate in the opera.
The managers of the opera has to tell this situation to the police and they investigate the situation but he do not find the opera ghost.
The opera ghost wants to control all the functions of the opera and the ghost does not like Carlota, an opera singer. He sends many letters to the managers and suddenly, strange things begin to happen to Carlota and she has to be replaced.
As a result, Daaé gets the job and she becomes famous. It turns that Daaé is the love of the ghost and he always helps her with the function but Daaé is in love with Raoul and the ghost starts to be very jealous.
Daaé thinks that she has a protector who helps her in the Opera and this protector contacts with. Daaé meet him in his secret hiding and she discovers who her protector is.
Daaé is very scared because her protector is a horrible monster ,the ghost kidnaps her and she has to promise to return to the hiding again to visit the ghost.
But Daaé, now, knows that the ghost is the responsible of the murderers of the Opera and she understands that the ghost is very dangerous although his music is excellent. As a result, she plans to marry Raoul and escape very far away.
Next, the ghost discovers their plan and he kidnaps Daaé again, and he escapes with her to the hiding pursued by Raoul and here it is the end of the ghost.
Finally I´m going to tell you the true history of the ghost, Erik; he lived a hard life with many problems and he travelled around the world. He learnt architecture and he was very good in this activity and in music. He knew the Opera because he buildt it and he designed his hiding.

I´m sorry, I´ve been so hectic with comings and goings to hospital that I haven´t had time for the blog.
This is a summary of what we´ve done recently.
Homework: grammar, units 54,55,56
Grammar: units 57,58, about verbs followed by -ing and infinitive, also verbs with change in meaning according to the -ing form or the infinitive.
Writing: how to write a good story. We followed the steps until we ended up with a reasonably good composition.
Homework: a story.
Homework: Grammar ,units:57,58,
Listening: a mock for Certificación.
writing: we finished the exercises to write a good composition.
Only Inma wrote her composition.thank you Inma, you´ve done a pretty good job as far as the other students is concerned , you aren´t doing enough and you know, so don´t complain if you don´t get a good result. In the end it´s your own responsibility.
Grammar: Reported speech: an introduction and drill with exercises.
Listening: St.B.p. 90. Cheating in a marathon. Reporting verbs.
Sentences to be completed with these reporting verbs and on pg91 match direct speech to the reporting verbs.
vocabulary: vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 149, about reporting verbs such as: apologiz
Vocabulary: St.b.p. 88. Truth and lies. Some quotations to be completed with words related to the topic.
Listening: St.B.p. 91. an interview with a private detective. 4 very long questions to answer. At the end we listened to it with the script at sight.
Homework: Exercises on reported speech.