Friday, April 30, 2010


Myths and Legends
- Why is the sea salty?
This history treats on a traveler that wants to go from Denmark to Norway by ship. This one says to the captain that doesn't have money but that he will pay him with a magic mill of salt, with a few words this one puts to work and doesn't stop throwing salt until it is said to him to stop. One day the captain started grinding salt, but it didn't manage to stop the mill of salt; the cabin was filled with salt and the ship started sinking. The captain threw the mill of salt to the sea very far and because of it, it is said that the sea is salty.

- The four dragons
This history is about a small stone, in which there were four dragons protecting the sky, the people of there were adoring them.
One day it stopped raining, the trees dried off and the people did not have food. The dragons did not know that was happening and they went to look the For Jade Emperor Of Heaven that was the gentleman who was making the rain fall. He was in a party in his house and had forgotten forgotten to make rain. The dragons were angry and moved the clouds themselves in orderto rain. The emperor got very angry and punished the four, under a mountain eternally. The dragons ,since they were magic became rivers spreading all over the country. Today, the people of small stone still love the four dragons and honour them in their art and festivals.

- Susanoh and the Monster - A Myth from Japan
The gods were angry with Susanoh because he was very cruel with his sister. They punished him and took him to an island. The people there said to Susanoh that there was a terrible monster that every year ate up a princess. Susanoh designed a plan that consisted of intoxicating the monster of eight heads, he got it and later he killed it to save the village. the princess married him and they had a great ceremony.

- The hippo king - a folktale from Nigeria
Long ago a king of Africa, made a party, no one knew his name, only ten women. The king told the people that if they guessed his namhe would feed them, if they failed ,he wouldn´t feed them. A tortoise called time, told him at the next party to say his name, and thus it was investigated, they knew his name and everyone ate happily.

Logan`s choice by Richard Mcandrew

I´ve chosen this book because is about mystery and I love mystery and criminal books.
The theme of the book is a murder. Alex Mclennan is a rich person and one night he is murdered in the bathroom of his huge house.
The main character is Jenny Loan, a police officer in Edinburg. One night, she is waken up by Grant, an officer that helps her.
Both go to Alex`s house to research the murder. They see that he has his neck broken.
They discover that the murderer went into the bathroom by the window, because it is the only access to the bathroom.
They also speak to his wife( Alice Maclennan) and his brother (Donald Johnstone), Logan has some questions for them.
After the questions, she thinks that Donald might be the murderer, because he was really angry.
After that, she decides to go to Alex`s restaurant to do some questions at his friend ( Ian Ross).
She discovers that Ian hates Alex because the restaurant belongs to both but Alex earns more money than him.
After he goes to speak to Tam Mcdonald, a journalist.
Tam told her some imformation about Alex.
One day, Loan goes to Alex`s house to speak to his wife and ask her some questions.
Suddenly, a man appeasr and attacks Grant, but Grant is ready, his elbrow moves back very hard and very quickly into the man´s stomach behind him. The man dropps his knife. Quickly Grand picks up the knife.
Logan goes to the man and pulls of the black hat that he is wearing , he discovers that Ian Ross is the murderer!
Them speak to Alex and she telsl them that Ian was her lover, and he hates Alex, so he killed him.
Thestory finishes when Loan makes a phone call and she speaks to Tam, the journalist, and they meet to have a drink, so she telsl him whothe murder of Alex Mclennan is.
This story is really funny and interesting, because you don’t know who the murdeer is un til the end of the history.
I really liked it and I promise than I`ll borrow another book about Loan next time too.
Homework: Grammar, units 53 (verbs followed by -ing) and 60 (prepositions and verbs in -ing)
Listening: A mock exam for Certificación. A really tough, difficult one. It was ckecked with the script at sight.
Grammar: units 54 (verbs followed by to infinitive),55 ( verb, object nad to infinitive) and 56 (verbs followed by -ing) . We went through them in detail .
Speaking: Photo description for Certificación.
Homework: grammar ,units 54,55,56 and do the workbook activities,please.
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