Tuesday, December 14, 2010


    TURRON Traditional Christmas meal in Spain.

    450g blanched toasted almonds
    225g granulated sugar
    125ml clear honey
    1 packet marzipan

    1. Combine almonds, sugar and honey in large saucepan.
    2. Set pan over very low heat.
    3. Cook until sugar dissolves and bring to boil.
    4. Cook three minutes, stirring constantly.
    5. Remove from heat and stir in marzipan.
    6. Beat thoroughly till smooth.
    7. Spoon into well-greased pan 15cm by 23cm.
    8. Mark into 4cm squares.



  • Homework: I collected a composition: a letter of complaint for the first term mark.
  • EO: Describing a photo. From those in the blog you had to pick up one and describe it with as many details, vocabulary and structures as posible. Not many of you followed the guidelines I had given you. Remember that it´s the technique , the order and the accuracy of expressions that make the activity a success.
  • Vocabulary: Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 148. Science and Computers with lots of specific words related to the topic. Workbook, p. 18. We also did two exercises about the Internet and computers.
  • Grammar: St.B.p. 26. Future perfect and future continuous. . Grammar Bank. St.B.p. 132. Rules and activities. Grammar unit 24 and a photocopy for NI2A , the other group didn´t have time to do it. So if they fancy ,they can do it right now.
  • EO. St.b.p. 26. In twehty years´time.... We did these examples and others related to their own experience.
  • CO: A listening called "The Changing Face of Beauty" which had to do with the topic of cosmetic surgery we had seen the week before. Collected to be marked.
  • Phonetics: St.b.p. 27. The Y as in youth, syllable, terrify, reply, analyse,psychological..
  • Homework: Workbook.p. 17,18 (only half the page). Grammar ,unit 24 and for those who didin´t do it, the photocopy about futures (if you fancy, not compulsory)
  • Homework: workbook. p..14,15,16, and a paragraph on the simple present tense.
  • Phonetics: St.B. p. 19. The sounds :/k/,/v/./t/...as in keys, vase, tie...
  • Unit 2C" An artist and a Musician" A reading where you had to write the questions for the answers in the reading. the questions were a little bit more complicated: Why do you like your work?, how do you relax?... with new question words. We saw all the words and expressions that were new.
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 20 Jobs. the exercise to guess their jobs and the structures:
    I´m a shop assistant, they´re nurses, I work for IBM, she´s at university, he´s retired, she works in a shop, he works with computers.
  • vocabulary Bank: St.B.p. 144. Meanings of words were checked and they were repeated several times to get the right pronunciation. Test your partner.
  • Grammar: St.B.p. 21. An exercises with a/an/nothing for jobs.
  • Phonetics: Sounds like /p/,/f/, as in flower, parrot....
  • Listening: St.B.p.21 "Guess my job" the students have to underline all the questions they hear in the game.
  • CO. A ,listening for Certificación
  • Grammar: simple present with statements and questions for daily routines.
  • Homework : workbook: p.17,18 and a reading exercise.