Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Click on the word below and you´ll find a lot of useful information about the country.

  • Homework: National stereotypes: reading ,true-false exercises and vocavulary. Grammar, unit 137 about phrasal verbs.
  • EE: Write 3 questions realated to the reading about Abba.
  • CO. St.B.p. 9. An interview with a journalist who knows a lot about Abba. Write the questions. Listen to the whole interview and note down the answers. Played three times. Write exact notes about more particular detail. Scrript on p.123, 1.6
  • Phonetics: St.B.p.9 Rising and falling intonation in wh- and yes/no questions.
  • CO.St.B.p.10 (for NI2A) the winner Takes it all. The second part of the activity: a fill in exercise.
  • EO: Interview your partner with a set of questions given last Monday and write down the answers.e.g. Where were you born? , who do you live with?.
  • Homework: Write a report with the answers from the interview, feel free to make up a story if you don´t have enough information. That´s what paparazzi do. Workbook: p.7,9 and study the vocabulary on p.145 about the media 1
  • Homework: workbook, p.6 and 7 (phonetics)