Monday, October 18, 2010


Some more facts about ABBA
  • Homeork: Prasal verbs with drawings. You tested yourself and your partner with the verbs hidden.. Wk.p.4,5,6 with more phrasal verbs and a speaking about stereotypes based on St.B.p.7. Let me tell you now and again thatyou MUST work your speeches about specific topics. You should get a bank or file with all the topics, vocabulary, and expressions dealt with in the class.
  • EO: As I saw you hadn´t developped the topic properly ,you were given a handout about stereotypes with a reading, some vocabulary and also questions to be discussed in class. This is for homework next Wednesday.
  • Grammar: Unit 137. Phrasal verbs . The exercises for next day.
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p.144 ,sections 2 and 3. More phrasal verbs: the same verb with different particle , the meaning of the particle and separable or non separable. it took time to do this since I like you to do a great deal of practice.
  • 1B ."The Winner Takes if All". St.B.p.8. EO: about music , the Top 20s and some basic vocabulary related to the topic.
  • Grammar: a handout with easy questions to be used for an interview.
  • CL:St.B.p.8 . You read the passage and underlined those unkown words. Mistakes were checcked and doubts solved.
  • CO:St.B.p.10 A son "The Winner Takes it All". Only the first part of the activity becuse we ran out of time. With the second group, we did both activities.
  • Homework: The handout about national stereotypes , grammar, unit 137 with the rules and exercises on phrasal verbs

  • NB1
  • Homework: A handout with a review of numbers ,greetings and the days of the week, workbook, p.4,5
  • CO. Bingo game with numbers, guess the number it 3? yes, it is/no, it isn´t.
  • Vocabulary: days of the week, next/last Monday, next/last weekend, tomorrow, today, yesterday. A calendar with the month of october to practise.
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p.6. Countries and nationalities. Vocabulary Bank.p. 141. Countries, nationalities and languages. Practice with word stress and pronunciation. Match the flags with the countries.Test your partner. The difference between the Great Britain and the United Kingdom in a map.
  • Phonetisc: St.B.p.6. Listen ,repeat and underline the stressed syllable.
  • CO.St.B.p.6. The World´s Quiz.
  • CO. St.B.p.6 Listen and number the pictures. Listen and complete the dialogues. Explain words and expressions, eg. where´s she from?
  • EO: Role play. Repeat the dialogues.
  • Grammar: St.B.p. 7. The verb to be in negative and interrogative. Complete the chart with the missing words. Grammar Bank. St.B.p. 122. Rules and activities .
  • Homework: Study the new vocabulary (countries and nationalities) , the verb to be and Workbook,p.6 and the pronunciation exercise of p. 7.