Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Please, open the link below and read the articles about this topic.
Homework: Workbook p.10,11,12,13. and grammar ,unit 109 (word order).
The compositions were collected. Those of you who still haven´t done it, please, do as soon as possible. it´s for your own benefit, not mine!
  • Vocabulary: St.B.p.147. A review of the words related to medicine.
  • EO: with some words also about the topic you had to make up a story.
  • Vocabulary: a handout about medicine, common illnesses and so on. Another photocopy with more vocabulary and expressions . situation "At the doctor´s".
  • CO: Two patients go to their GP as trhey have health problems. Write down the symptoms and the illness the have. True- false statement. Exercises, script, vocabulary and audio
  • A video about altenative medicine, the one below, which made you crack with laughter.
  • Grammar: conditional tenses, a handout with the rules, exercises and answers . We saw the first and second conditional
  • Homework: Finish the exercises about the second conditional and remember to bring your compositions next day.
  • I forgot to check the exercises at the end of unit 1 and give you the answers.
  • Homework: Exercises about demonstrative adjectives and a paragraph in third person singular with personal information.
  • Speaking exam: About personal information .
  • Grammar: Plural formation. Basic rules, words to classify and pronunciation.
  • Phonetics: Vowel sounds in a power point. You can find it in St.B.p. 156.
  • Homework: Write questions as you did in the speaking exam, Study the plurals and classify the words again and do the Unit 1 exam again to review what we have seen so far.
The link to the answers of the exam is all right , here at home I haven´t had any problems to open it.
This is a video about homeopathicmedicine and also linked to the British sense of humour .Juan Carlos Perez Corsino has sent and it´s really worth watching.