Monday, January 10, 2011



  • Homework: Workbook,p.20,21,22. Grammar, unit18 (used to)
  • CO: St.B.p.32 Checking : Question tags. . Listen and complete. speaking activities about the grammar item.
  • Grammar. Unit 52 . Questions tags.
  • EO:St.B.p. 33. The uses of "Sorry, excuse me, sorry?".The ways of apologizing and their responses.
  • CO:St.b.p. 33. Match the dialogues to the pictures. Complete the ways of apologizing and their responses.
  • EE: A set of activities to write a "for and against" essay. To be finished next Wednesday.
  • Homework: St.B.p. 31 , the reading activity, Grammar, unit 52, St.B-p. 35 ,the activities that summarize the unit.
  • Grammar and vocabulary: We spent the whole class reviewing what we had done the previous term: mainly, the simple present for habits and routines, making affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences ,the use of the auxiliaries Do/does and the verb to be,eg,are you French?, do yo study French?.and activities related to jobs.
  • EO: With a photocopy of daily routines, you made a speech using expressions like : have a shower, have a break, get to work, leave home, catch the bus and so on.
  • EE: A composition about the previous activity.
  • Homework: finish the composition at home and get it ready for next Tuesday.
  • Watch and listen to this video. It´s really impressive.