Wednesday, January 12, 2011



  • Homework: Reading. Student´s Book.p. 31, Exercises, review unit 2 in st.B.p. 35, grammarm unit 52, question tags
  • EO: question tags in a pair work activity.
  • EE: finish the "for and against" composition ,and a photocophy of linking words.
  • CO : a listening for Certificación, the first one we´ve done and rather tough, I must say. Audio, exercises, cript and answers.
  • CL: a multiple choice reading for Certificación.
  • Homework: some exercises about future tenses and word building. study the grammar and vocabulary of unit 2, a speaking activity: a speech to to by following some questions on a particular topic.
  • Homework: a composition about daily routines.
  • St.B.p.22. Relatively Famous. Grammar possessive ´s . Match the people in the photos with their famous relatives. e.g. he´s Hugh Grant´s brother. Grammar Bank. St.B.p. 124. rules and exercises about the possessive ´s.
  • EO: St.B.p. 22. Whose is this? it´s Kate Winslet´s bag.
  • Vocabulary Bank. St.b.p.145. The Family. Pronunciation of new words and use of the possessive ´s. Jill is Robert´s sister. Say as many words as possible without writing, then write 5 sentences.
  • EO: A projection of a family tree to relate their members.
  • Phonetics. St.B.p. 23. Sounds like in bag, thumb, mother,monkey, nose,house.
  • CO: St.B.p. 23. Listen to Sarah talking to her boyfriend about her family. Label the photos and answer the questions.
  • Homework. Grammar, unit 64 (Kate´s camera), St.b.p. 26,27