Thursday, December 02, 2010



  • You were informed of the Christmas party and the trip to San Francisco.
  • Homework: Decribe a photo : you had to choose it from the post called "Speaking tips".Workbook,p.14,15,16.
  • EE: How to write a complaint letter. We went through the exercises in detail to the point you ´ll be able to write one for homework. The exercises were taken fforn a set of photocopies you were given at the beginning of the course , you also have this summary to have a general idea.
  • EO: Young for ever? We dealt with the topic of cosmetic surgery and saw anexample of a woman called Cindy Jackon who has undergone more than fifty operations to look much younger.
  • CL:A photocopy about Cindy Jackon´s biography.
  • CO: A couple of videos dealing with the topic and the most important one: a doctor talking about the topic: listen to her and note down the most important ideas.


  • Homework: Exercises aboutNegrita the third person singular and simple present in affirmative and negative.
  • Grammar: simple present . A power point. Tense formation .Say sentences in the affirmative. We made negative ,interrogatve and short answers from these affirmative sentences.
  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 14. Sounds like vase,dog,snake,zebra,leg,witch . The pronunciation of the third person singularin /s/:smokes, /z/:plays, /Iz/: watches.
  • EE/EO: St.B.p. 17. A typical Spanish family. Write and compare your notes to those of your patner.
  • Grammar: A power point to say and write sentences in the affirmative and negative. A set of exercises about the simple present
  • Homework: For next Thursday , a photocopy with exercises about the simple present I and you and another side :he,she, it . Another photocopy focussing on the third person singular.