Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Other/ Another/ Others
Here's how to use them:
- I have a book about Egypt; I have another book about Mexico (indefinite/ adjective/ singular).
- I have a book about Egypt; I have another about Mexico (indefinite/ pronoun/ singular).
- I found one of my shoes; have you seen the other (definite/ singular)?
- I don't like horror movies; don't you have other movies (indefinite/ adjective/ plural)?
- Some students will pass the course; others won't (indefinite/ pronoun/ plural).
- Some students will pass the course; other students won't (indefinite/ adjective/ plural).
- You are the first to arrive; where are the others (definite/ pronoun/ plural)?
Spanish speakers often get confused with other and others. They say/ write for example: "I have others books." The mistake is understandable as adjectives can take plural forms in Spanish, unlike English.

  • Homework: St.B.p. 51, wk p, 27,28,31
  • Speaking: Group C had three speeches.
  • Vocabulary: politics and history, St.B.p. 150. About two pediods (the battle of Hastings and the civil war) of Great Britain history. a set of exercises about the topic.
  • Grammar: modal verbs of deduction : must, can´t. St.B.p. 45. compare two kings: Henry VIII and King Arthur.Words like Excalibur, Guienevere, Anne Boleyn, Lancelot have to be related to them. Grammar Bank:St.B.p.134 with the rules and exercises. A speaking exercise using must and can´t and a written one ,also about modals, using your own ideas to finish some statements.
  • Requests and asking permission . Only group A.
  • Homework: a set of exercises about modals of deduction.
  • Homework: wk.p. 24,25,26
  • Grammar: Frequency adverbs with types and examples on the board. A set of exercises about frequency adverbs, only the first page.
  • Writing: write 4 questions with four answers using different types of adverbs,e.g. once/twice, every day, sometimes...
  • Speaking: a pair work activity to put into practice the previous activities.
  • Listening: video. St.B.p.36 In a coffee shop. We did all the activities.
  • Homework: finish exercises 3 and 4 of the first page of frequency adverbs and do the first of the following page. If you find it too difficult, don´t worry.


  • Homework: sections three and four of the photocopy about frequency adverbs, section 1 of the following page.
  • Grammar: on Monday, on Mondays and do the remaining exercises. More frequency adverbs : we did just a few activities because the other exercises were for homework.
  • vocabulary: St.B.p. 148. Months of the year, seasons, and ordinals with the prepositions. A crosswords and a word search
  • Writing: describe your family.
  • Homewrok: Bring a photograph of your family and a composition describing it. Finish the frequency adverb activity. Finish the word search