Thursday, February 03, 2011


  • Homework: linking phrases 1, linking phrases 2. Answers
  • Speaking: describe a photograph. As usual, three students had their speech and mistakes were checked on the board. If you don´t do it, you won´t have any practice for the exam, it´s your responsibility to do it in the best possible way.
  • Listening. a Certificación listening, which I´ll post when my computer works properly with the server. It wasn´t as bad as the first one we did.
  • Grammar: conditionals. a review on the first two types and more emphasis on the third type and the structures with "I wish". This is in your grammars, unit 38,39,and 40. If you haven´t done the exercises yet, please do them at the weekend and check your answers in the answer key in the last pages of the book.
  • Speaking: a couple of activities with NI2A to practice the third conditional.
  • Homework: a set of exercises on conditionals . Answers


  • Homework: workbook, p,23
  • speaking: pair work activity . Ask and answer questions about you and about another person. Review of the auxiliary "do-does" in the simple present.
  • Vocabulary: Adjectives : I´m cold, I´m hungry with the verb to be (in Spanish tengo frio, tengo hambre). Say sentences and write them down. Some more adjectives such as near, far, ill...
  • Listening: a listening about the description of two families an Indian one and a British one. Exercises, answers, script and audio 1, audio 2.
  • The time: with a clock we learnt how to say the time. A lot of practice.
  • Listening: song. Pretty woman: exercises, answers, audio
  • Homework: a set of exercises about adjectives, do 2 pages on both sides.