Wednesday, March 02, 2011


With this post my first year Basic level students start a new series titled "My Family" in which they attach a photo and make a description of the members. I hope you´ll like because they´re hard working people.
Lucía Sánchez Prados

My name´s Lucia and I´m 30 years old. I´m Spanish, from Asturias and I´m a waitress in my brother´s bar. I have long dark hair and my eyes are black. I´m a kind person and very responsible.
I like animals , I have a cat , her name´s Betty Boop. I go to the gym twice a week and I study English twice a week too. I have three tatoos and three piercings.
To the right is my father, his name´s Manuel, "Lito" for his friends. He´s 59 and he´s early retired. He has dark hair and a moustache. He has a garden and animals . He smokes very much and he visits his father everyday.
To the left is my mother, "the best mother". Her name´s Tere and she´s 56 years old. She has fair hair and she´s very beautiful for me. She gets up very early because she works very much. She takes the dogs for a walk at 6,30. She smokes and she drinks a lot of coffee. She has a stressful life. I see my parents everyday.
The other person is Aarón. He´s my boyfriend . He´s 33 years old, he´s tall and he has long,curly dark hair. He´s very thin but he eats a lot. He´s a bricklayer and he usually works on Saturday and Sunday. He goes to the gym three times a week. He has a big tatoo in his arm and he likes heavy metal very much.

Judith Ontoja Rodriguez

In my family we are seven children. My brothers are all men and I´m the only woman. They are married, except one who is still single. We met seven years before . I came back to Bolivia in January and this is the last picture I have with them . I hope to come back soon to Bolivia to update it and see my brothers again. I miss them. This photo is at mother´s house.

  • Homework:Grammar, unit 41 "I wish" . Speaking: two students made their photo descriptions , mistakes and pronunciation corrected.
  • Writing and speaking: an exercise about I wish.
  • Speaking: adjective word order and clothes. A student says " ugly checked trousers" and the other student has to draw them.
  • Listening. Dressed for special occasions. Exercises, answers, script, audio.
  • Vocabulary. Unit 4B."Why men don´t iron". Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 152. The changing roles of men and women and Male and female personalities:negative prefixes.
  • Homework: An exercise review of clothes, speaking in St.B.p.56, section c .e.g. Women are safer drivers than me. Discuss. Study the new vocabulary. workbook.p. 34,35,36,37. I know it´s a lot but bear in mind we won´t have class on Monday because it´s a school holiday