Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Do you know who this mummy is? A great student of mine with a wonderful sense of humour.Guess who the mummy is. Click on the title to see more of the party.
  • Homework: wk.p 34,35,36,36. A photocopy about clothes.
  • Speaking: St.B.p. 56. Men ans Women. Are we equal? How to agree and disagree with an opinion.
  • Vocabulary: a review on adjective formation with negative preffixes .eg. impolite, irregular, illegal, uncooperative... roles of men and women. eg. breadwinner, sexism, to do one´s share,divorce rate..
  • Song: You don´t impress me much. Exercises. Audio
  • Listening: St.B.p. 57. Five situations to identify the speaker and what the problem is. Then write sentences to end it with "I wish"
  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 57. Stress in long words e.g. discrimination,relationships,unimaginative.
  • Homework: St.B.p,38. A reading: "Why men don´t iron". Exercises on modal verbs in a previous post (25/02/11) .
  • Homework: Wk.p. 28,29,30,31. As we´re running short of time, you can do these exercises at home(when I tell you), check the answers and ask whatever you don´t understand in class.
  • Vocabulary: Review of verb phrases, St.b.p. 149 e.g. turn on the TV, travel by plane. Ask your partner .
  • Grammar and Listening : can´t/can´t, other uses. St.B.p. 41. What´s wrong with these situations? and then listen and write sentences with can/can´t e.g. I can´t hear you, I can´t find it. Grammar bank, St.B.p. 128. Rules and exercises. An exercise with can/can´t to do with your partner.
  • 4B. Shopping. Men love it. Speaking:Do you like shopping? ,put a tick on the items you like buying . Tell your partner.
  • Listening: St.B.p. 42. Listen and match the dialogues with the pictures. Listen again and complet with a verb.e.g. I like trying on clothes with my friends.
  • Grammar: like+ -ing. Like/love/don´t like/hate buying clothes.. grammar Bank. St.B.p. 128. Rules and exercises.
  • Writing: St.B.p. 42 . Write sentences with I love +-ing
  • Vocabulary and speaking: St.B.p. 43. Write the -ing form of the following activities.e.g. doing housework, cooking. Ask your partner : do you like cooking?...
  • Homework: A set of exercises about can for ability, and another set of exercises about can for permission.