Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Mª Victoria Vicente
My name´s Marivi and I live in Asturias, Spain. I work in a hospital and I study English twice a week. I also go the gym three times a week. I have a dog ,her name´s Lisa. In the photo I´m crouched and on the left is Gaby, my husband.In front of him are the ears of Lisa, my dog. To the left of Gaby is Maria , she´s thirty years old and next to her is her husbanf,Javi. He´s thirty-five and he´s my cousin. Next to him is Mariana and Rizos. They are married. Next to Rizos is Eva . Eva and Rizos aren´t good friends . Eva is next to her cousin Mª José. Mª José is thirty-two and she´s a policewoman.

David Sánchez Súarez

This is a picture of my family. The first on the left is my father . He´s 58 years old and he has a big moustache. He isn´t very tall and he has dark hair and brown eyes. He´s a good father and a good husband too. Next to him is my mother . She´s fifty-seven and she has fair hair and brown eyes .She isn´t very tall but she´s very pretty . For me she´s the best mother in the world. They´re very good parents. In the other photo ,the baby is my nephew . He has brown eyes and dark hair in this moment. He´s four years old but in this photo he is one. He never cries at night because he always sleeps very well , but he has a problem :he doesn´t like food . He eats badly.He likes motorbikes and playing in the park with his friends. The girl is my girlfriend . She has blue eyes and her hair is dark in this moment. She´s quite tall and thin.


  • Homework: Grammar, unit 95,96

  • Grammar: Asking politely your way. St.B.p. 80. A projection on the board with a situacion to use this structure. Grammar, unit 50, exercise 1.

  • Reading: a reading for Certificación.

  • Vocabulary: Unit 6A. Caught in the act. St.b.p. 84 and p. 155 with more specific words such as shoplifting, bribery, murder, vandalism and another group of words related to trials.e.g. jury, witness, veredict, jail...

  • Homework:

  • A book review. Scan the cover , save it in jpeg., write the book review in doc., then send them both to me separately don´t do the two activities in one document.

  • A good description of a photo you can pick up in this blog in "Speaking tips"

  • Review of unit 5. St.b.p. 83

  • Study the vocabulary of pages 84 and 155.


  • Homework:workbook,pp, 42,43,

  • Grammar: a set of exercises . We saw the first page about regular past tenses and the back of the page about the simple past of the verb to be: was/were

  • Irregular past tenses: a power point with the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms. We focussed on the affirmative , which is the different one (negative and interrogative forms are with did, like regular past verbs). St.b.p. 154, 155 Irregular verb list in great detail: meanings of verbs, pronunciation and examples. St.B.p. 130,131 with the rules and some exercises.

  • Here is another power point about irregular verbs Carmen ,my colleage, gave me for you.

  • Homework: study the irregular verbs, wk, p, 44,45 and grammar ,unit 12 (past tense of regular and irregular verbs)