Monday, April 11, 2011


Xiomara Atencia
My family in Asturias is very original. My name´s Xiomara . In the photo I´m wearing a violet dress. I´m from Colombia but I live in Villoria, in Asturias, the north of Spain. I´m a dietician and nutricionist, I´m 41 years old. In the photo, next to me to the left is my husband . His name´s Carlos and he´s an electrician. He´s 46 years old. Our daughters are in front of us. They are Juanita and Sonia, they are 10 and 12 respectively. Carlos has two sisters and one brother. His sister Carmen is on the left ,at the top. She´s 51 years old and is divorced. She works as an assistant flight attendant for Iberia. She lives in Madrid with her only son , on the right , at the bottom. His name´s Miguel and he is a technical computer student. My husband´s second sister is Pilar. She is behind me. She is 53 years old, she´s a housewife and her husband ,Gabriel, is on the right hand side behind me.He´s retired and they have one son, Rubén, and one daughter, Almudena. Rubén is single and lives in Barcelona. He works as an electrician for Loyd International. My niece, Almudena is 27 years old. She works for Orange and she is married to Manuel, on the left, at the bottom. They have two children: George, 8 months old and Xiana, 3 years old. Carlos´s brother, Tom is on the right ,at the top. He is 52 years old and works for National Currier Company . Ana, Tom´s wife is behind Almudena. She´s retired and she likes painting in her free time.
Nelly Arellano

I´m Ecuadorean and this is my family. I live in a flat with my sister and my boyfriend. My sister is twenty years old and is single. She´s my best friend.She works and she plays basketball every Saturday and Sunday. She´s a very good person. On the left is my brother . He lives in a flat with his girlfriend . He´s twenty-five years old . He works and studies, he´s a very happy person and the best brother in the world. On the right is my boyfriend. He´s twenty-three years old. He works all week, but he plays football every afternoon and he likes watching sports on TV. This is my family in Spain and I love them


  • Homework: grammar, unit 92,93,94.

  • Grammar: non-defining relative clauses. Grammar, units 95,96. Exercises on non-defining relative clauses and relatives in general.

  • Grammar: tenses

  • Vocabulary: word building

  • Speaking: describe a photo.

  • Phonetics: silent letters as in listen, climb, designer. St.B.p. 79

  • Listening: Telepathy. St.B.p.77. An experiment carried out to check the power of telepathy.

  • Homework: grammar, units 95,96.