Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Carmen Pérez Suárez

Leticia Héctor Rebeca Sergio This is my family in my son´s wedding day .I have two children: Héctor and Leticia. My son Héctor is married to Rebeca. He is a security agent and she is a shop assistant.They live and work in El Entrego and they are going to have a baby in July. Next to Héctor on the left is my daughter Leticia. She works in León and on Friday she comes back home

Next to Rebeca on the right is is Sergio. He is Leticia´s boyfriend. He lives in La Felguera and he works in El Entrego. He is a firefighter.

Desirée Rebollo Rodriguez

My name´s Desirée. in this picture I´m with my friends in Gijón. The couple on the right is married . They live in Pontevedra and they have a dog that is always with them. The girl with a white and pink dress is maried to the man with fair hair and sunglasses. She´s a music teacher. My bestfriend is wearing a green shirt . She´s from Madrid and she came to work to Gijón because she likes Asturias very much and doesn´t like Madrid at all. The girl with shorts and sunglasses is Brazilian, but she lives in Pontevedra. She´s a dancer but she also works in a clothes shop. The man with the orange shirt also lives in Pontevedra and he works making cars in Citroen. On the left, the man with blond hair and shorts also lives in Pontevedra , but he was born in Bilbao.He is a forest keeper.His parents live in Oviedo

They all came for the weekend this summer and it was a funny and good weekend!!


  • Homework: grammar, unit 98 (adjectives ending in -ing/-ed)

  • Reading: a reading test for Certificación.

  • Grammar: quantifiers.Grammar ,units 86,87 88 and wk.p.47

  • Listening: song. "You´re so vain". Exercises, audio

  • Homework: Exercises from units 86,87,88, a set of exercises about adjectives in -ing/-ed.