Monday, March 28, 2011


Aroa Corte

This is a picture of me with my boyfriend and my nieces at Easter. My name´s Aroaand I´m thirty-one years old. I live in Blimea,in asturias. I´m a teacher but now i´m unemployed. Angel is my boyfriend. he´s thirty-five. He lives in El entrego and works in a shop but he´s a lawyer . He has a brother whose name´s Rubén. My nieces are Nayra and Nuria. Nayra´s 3 years old and Nuria´s 7 years old. they´re at school and they live in Blimea. They like playing in the park, eating chocolate and watching TV very much. They go to the swimming-pool twice a week. They´re really lovely girls.

Susana Antuña

On the left is my older brother Lauri. He is forty-four years old and he works in Aceralia. Next to him is his ex-wifewith their son. alejandro is six years old. Next to my ex-sister-in-law is my other brother José Angel . He is forty-two years old and he´s an electrician, but now he´s umemployed. Next to him is his grilfriend´s dauter and his girlfriend. I am on the right of my bother´s girlfriend . My name´s Susana and I´m thirty-four years old. I work in a food company called clerk in La Felguera, the place I live. Next to me is my mother . Her name´s Sagrario and she´s sixty-five.she has a cleaning job and want to retire soon. the last person sitting on the floor is my boyfriend. His name´s Mario and he´s thirty-five and works for "HC" .We´re living together.


  • Homework: Compositions were collected "An opinion essay". Grammar, unit 10.

  • Grammar and vocabulary test. Unit 4.

  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 72. Word building.

  • Grammar: quantifiers. St.B.p. 74. Exercise. Grammar Bank, St.B.p. 138. Rules and exercises.

  • Speaking: Class survey. St.B.p.74 . All of, most of, none of...

  • Listening: St.B.p. 75. Childhood memories. Listen and choose the eadjective, listen and write details.

  • Grammar:St.B.p. 75 .Adjectives -ing/-ed. Grammar, unit 98.

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 75. Can you remember....a time you felt terrified?

  • Homework: Grammar, unit 98. Get a description of a photo ready for Wednesday.
  • ALL: Grammar explanations
  • Exam, unit 4. Doubts about it were solved. It was checked and marked in class.
  • Unit 5. Who were they? St.B.p. 52. Listening. Match the names and surnames of several presidents of USA. Complete the dialogue with numbers and dates.
  • Grammar: St.B.p. 52. Was/were. Complete the sentences. Grammar Bank. St.B.p. 130. Rules and exercises. Grammar, unit 10 (11) Was/were.
  • Reading and listening: St.B.p. 53. Four statues. Who were they?, where are they?. Listen and complete the missing information.
  • Vocabulary: jobs. Sailor, leader, soldier, composer...St.B.p. 53
  • Speaking: St.B.p. 52. When/where you born?, where/when was your father born?.
  • Homework: Wk.p. 40, 41 and exercises of unit 10 (11) was,were.
  • EXTRA EXERCISES ABOUT PRONOUNS (POSSESSIVE/OBJECT) AND POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES. Grammar, units 53 (54) I/me, he/him, unit 54 (55) My/his/their, unit 55 (56) whose is this? It´s my book, it´s mine, unit 56 (57) I/me/my/mine. The chapters in brackets are for the new edition of the grammar.