Monday, April 04, 2011


José Maria Suárez

This is a photo of the royal family of Spain.They live in the capital city of Spain, Madrid.

The king and the queen are in the middle of the photo.Their names are Juan Carlos and Sofia . He´s severnty-three and she´s about a year younger than him. They are married and have three children;two daughters and a son. Next to queen Sofia is her daughter Elena. She´s divorced , her ex-husband Jaime is behind her . They are both forty-seven and they have two children: Felipe and Victoria.

Next to Elena is her sister Cristina . She´s married to Iñaqui . He´s behind Cristina´s parents . He´s forty-two and she´s three years older than him . Iñaqui an ex handball player. They have a daughter , Irene, and three sons: Miguel, Juan and Pablo.

Next to king Juan Carlos is her daughter-in-law ,princess Letizia, married to prince Felipe. He´s juan Carlos and Sofia´s son. He´s forty-two and his wife is thirty-eight. They have two daughters: Leonor and Sofia.

The kings have four grandchildren, four granddaughters and four grandsons. They´re all in the photo.


  • Homework: Grammar, chapters 86,87,88. Exercises about adjectives ending -ed/-ing

  • Speaking: Three students to describe a photos. Mistakes checked on the board.

  • Grammar: subordinate clauses: a review with sentences written in strips of paper.

  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 76 It´s all in the mind. Match the words with the definitions.

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 76.Do you believe in ghosts?, have you ever seen a UFO?...

  • Listening: St.B.p. 77. An experiment on telepathy.. listen and spot eight mistakes, listen and write down the seven images that came to the lady´s mind, listen and answer the questions.


  • NB1A/B

  • Reading test

  • Listening test: audio 1, audio 2, answers (reading and listening) and script

  • Grammar: review of possessive pronouns, object pronouns, subject pronouns and possessive adjectives.

  • Homework: grammar, units59,60,61