Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Carlos García García

My name´s Carlos and I´m fifty years old.I live in Siero and I´m married . My wife maria, next to me, works in an office . She´s a secretary . we´ve got one daughter , Laura, who is on the left, at the bottom. she´s a student and she wants to be a technical in audiovisual communication.she´s nineteen and she loves surfing, walking with the dogs and talking. My father and brother are dead but my mother is very well, she´s at the top on the left.. I´ve got many cousins , but only one sister . Her name´s maria . She´s at the top right. She´s a psychotherapist and shé s married . she´s got a son, David, my nephew and godson, in the middle of the image. He´s nineteen and he´s a University student . His girlfriend is studying in London and he often visits her. He likes football, sports and travelling. I don´t have a recent picture in which we arre all, so I´ve made this collage.
Alfonso Molina Puerta
My name´s Alfonso . I´m 53 years old and I´m retired. I´m married to Belén and we have a twenty-seven year old son.My father pepe died and his sister Josefina too, but he has two sons and two daughters. My mother is a housewifeand has five children. My brother antonio is fifty-five years old, he´s married to Sara and they have a twenty-five years old son . My sister Encarna is forty-three, she works as a lawyerand is married to jesus who is a hotel receptionist . they have two daughters, Carmen and Ana. They are fiftteen and thirteen years old. My brother José works as a building administrator . he is married to Josefina and they have two children , José Manuel and Javier . they´re six and three years old. My brother Pedro Luis is 33 years old , he is an official and is married to Mary and still have no children. I must say that Alfonso first wrote the composition about his family and then he found a picture but it has no relation to the composition. Original isn´t he? NI2º

  • Speaking: three students described their photos and mistakes were checked

  • Vocabulary: St.B.79. Words with more than one meaning.e.g. I booked a table, a book to read . An exercise with words such as park, sign, tip.

  • Grammar: Relative clauses .Grammar, units 92,93,94. Rules. A set of exercises about defining relative clauses.


  • Writing: how to write a book review. We followed all the necessary steps to write a review, then went to the English Department and borrowed a book for this purpose. Write your review in word (.doc) , scan the cover (.jpg)as a separate file and send them both to my e-mail address : the deadline is Wednesday,26th April , but I strongly recommend you to do it and send it to me as soon as possible .

  • Homework: Grammar, units 92,93,94.

  • NB1A/B

  • Homework: Grammar, unit 10 (was/were), wk.p. 40-41 (was/were)

  • Grammar: complete the sentences with was/were.

  • Writing: write four questions about the statements of the previous exercise and answer ther with short answers

  • Speaking: ask questions about where were two people .e.g. where was Sylvia in 1998?

  • Reading: Unit 5B. A tale of two Sydneys .St.B.p. 54. Read the passage about a true story and answer the question at the end. We saw all the vocabulary in detail and focussed on regular past tenses. Read the story again and order the sequence of events.

  • Listening: St.B.p.54. Listen to the story and read the end on page 112.

  • Grammar:regular past tenses. St.B.p. 55 . Grammar Bank. St.B.p. 130.We saw the rules and did the exercises in detail.

  • Homework: Study the new vocabulary and wk.p.42,43,