Thursday, May 05, 2011



“Murder Maker” written by Margaret Johnson, is an interesting thriller , whose main character is Carla, a single woman who isbetrayed by her ex boyfriend. Other characters are three Carla’s friends called Diana, Gemma and Cathy who have something in common with Carla; all of them were abandoned by their partners. The action is mainly set in Cuba and in the northeast of England.

The story begins when Carla’s partner, Mark, breaks their relation saying to her “I’ve met somebody else”. Four simple words that change completely the world around Carla. Later, she meets other three women who are in a similar situation and little by little the idea of revenge is coming to her mind. This is how Carla becomes a murderer. But the question is: Is worth it the revenge?

The book shows us how small the difference between love and hate is and how an ordinary person, in an extreme situation, can became a murderer.

If you want discover that, do not stop reading this surprising book, because I am sure you´ll enjoy reading it and you will be able to make conclusions by yourself.


Richard is a young backpacker from England who arrives in Thailand looking for adventure.At a cheaap guest house he is given a map of the perfect beach a sort of paradise. the guest who has given him the mapcommits suicide. He meets a French couple and the three of them decide to go to that beach. Before leaving ,Richard decised to tell some American tourist about the island in case they don´t succeeed in getting there. They find the island and realize that there are more people living there fram from civilization. They become part of the community and share the work which is fishing, gardening, cooking...Richard doesn´t like the leader of the group, bugs, who gives him difficult tasks

He has to go round the island and discovers that there are men growing heroine and they are protecting it with weapons. Things go wrong on the island: one member of the fishing group poisons most of the people with a dead fish. there are also two people who have been attacked by sharks. tehy both eventually die.

The American tourist richard had met arrive at the island and they are killed by the the guards of the heroine fields. Richard is getting tired of that atmosphere and decides to leave the beach with some other people . A celebration is going to take place the following day, so they put some drug in the food so people wouild be dizzy. But the end of the story has to be read

I recommend this book because it´s entertaining and you keep on reading because you don´t know what´s going to happen. He may not reach civilization again.



  • Listening: people talking about films and other topics. Exercises, answers and script, audio.

  • Homework : the exercises from the exercises about commands , requests and other exercises


  • Homework:St.B.p. 62,63, two readings to answer questions about a weekend and some holidays.

  • Grammar: irregular verbs on the board. complete the list and write the meaning of the verbs.

  • Speaking: A projection with activities different people did at the weekend. eg. she went skiing and another activity with clues to say what some people did in Italy, France and USA

  • Writing: write a composition about your holidays based on the previous exercise using linking words.

  • Grammar: prepositions of place. Say and write sentences.

  • Grammar: there is, there are. A classroom with students and objects to say where they are.

  • Homework: two photocopies ,one called "travel" and the other side of the page, 5D: write questions about the first two sections (this morning, when you were 10 years old)