Wednesday, May 04, 2011



Frozen pizza and other slices of life, by Antoinette Moses, is a very good book which tells us eight different stories about different people who show us the same country (England) but from their own point of view and tells us eight different stories about their particular lives.

About the eight fascinating stories, all of them are charged with dramatic, funny, interesting and mystery histories about people in their ordinary lives, a especial work who shows you another face of society and the problems that a lot of people are having very near your home and motivates you to do something to help those people; an old teacher who remembers sadly his old days at a school teaching in better times but who never gets tired because he has a special hobby working with wood and repairing very old wood furniture; a young boy who is living a short period of time in England with a wealthy family and his interesting point of view of the society which is so strange for him; a very especial moment when you are a teenager and you fall in love with a mysterious music that you have been remembering all your life until the destiny pull strings and you come across him and histories like that; very interesting histories which help us to understand and admire that country that most of us maybe don´t know very well, but that is fascinating with their people, their traditions and his “particular way to see life”.

This book can teleport you to London, to a small town in the north of England or maybe to an English beach and its small village with a lot of different people living their own lives which are not veru different from ours. When you read the book there is a particular touching feeling with some of the stories, with others just the opposite, funny feelings but in general all of them are excellent histories about real life.

I thoroughly recommend "Frozen pizza and other slices of life " if you want to know more about human feelings, about England and its history or only if you are bored and you want to do something different, because this is not the typical book, this is a very special one.


The fly and other horror stories, by John Escott, is an excellent and entertaining,horror stories collection that take place in a variety of places, like a very ddry desert, a strange beach, an odd old factory…

The common link between all those stories is the thrilling moments that the main characters of each story make us living like we are the true main characters.

The mystery normally begins when, a couple or only one person arrives at a strange place and, a few days later, something not very usual in an ordinary life life happens.

For example, everybody thinks flies are a nuisance because they are annoying when they buzz around us, but, anyway, we can brush them away with our hands or something light .After all, a fly is only about half the size of one of our nails. But suppose for a moment it is not. Catch a fly, look at it closely (look at its head, its eyes, its legs…). Now imagine that this thing is the size of a human…

Another story is about a big and expensive ship whose crew is constituted by a lot of famous people: a pretty model, one of the best films director of Hollywood, a few of actors, many expensive film objects like a big camera and tapes for the incredible sound of the film. These people want to record a fascinating film about one of the most unbelievable creatures of the world: King Kong.

But on their way to the unique land where this animal lives, the ship crashes with lots of rocks in the sea; they have not seen them because of a dense fog that has caught them sleeping. When they finally escape they arrive at land. But, immediately, a dinosaur’s stampede chases them. Everything seemed lost but, suddenly, an enormous ape appeared and saved them but it kidnaps the model and they disappear as fast as it have come.

When the crew wis ready again they start to search for the girl. Some days later, when the food is finishing and the moral too, they find her and rescue her with a lot of effort and worth.

The last story is about a writer that arrives at an almost desert town to write his last book.

But, during his stay in a hotel of the town, strange things start to happen. He finds a sculpture of a woman being murdered by a man with an axe. The days after that, the writer begins to behave strangely, and he threatens his wife to kill her. So, she tries to escape from him, but her husband, who is getting crazy, catches a fire axe and he starts to chase her to kill her. The woman hides from him in the bathroom, but he chopps down the bathroom door and he puts his head through the hole; the woman takes a knife and she hurts him in his hand. She escapes from him and the city.

I thoroughly recommend this fascinating and excellent book. Readers will have an insuperable moment reading this amusing, entertaining, excellent book.


Homework: exercises about verbs followed by to/-ing.

Speaking: practice for Certificación. Photo description about general topics

Grammar and Speaking: reported speech. Rules on the board and practice with the overhead projector: statements, questions, orders. Reporting verbs:admit, deny, promise...

Listening: St.B.p. 90. Someone cheating in a marathon. Reporting verbs. St.b. p. 140. More verbs, St.b.p. 140 :rules and exercises.

Listening: St.B.p. 91 .aAprivate detective. Take notes on the main topics. (only group A

Homework: Grammar, units 47, 48 (the only two chapters about reported speech) and a set of exercises with rules and the answers.

Homework: A set of exercises numbered 44,45,53. A lot of time to solve doubts .

Speaking and writing: clues to say and write what Ms. Lazy and Mr. Busy did yesterday

Listening: video. St.B.p. 60. Vocabulary about shopping. Buying a present : listen and complete the dialogues. Social English :true-false statements

Homework: readings 1 and reading 2 with questions , St.B.p. 62,63.