Thursday, October 06, 2011


The most powerful earthquake in 40 years erupted under the Indian Ocean near Sumatra on Dec. 26, 2004. It caused giant, deadly waves to crash ashore in nearly a dozen countries, killing tens of thousands. A long stretch of Sri Lanka's coast was devastated by these killer waves, with more than 40,000 dead and staggering 2.5 million people displaced. Although 1,600km from the epicentre, the waves struck with huge force and swept inland as far as 5 kilometers. Waves as high as six meters had crashed into coastal villages, sweeping away people, cars and even a train with 1700 passengers. It was the worst human disaster in Sri Lanka history.



  • Dialogues using hello and hi. Audio 1. Audio 2

  • Unit 1A. Nice to meet you.

  • Listening: St.B.p. 4. Listen and read. Four dialogues with people saying hello. Number the dialogues and the pictures.

  • Vocabulary. Expressions:thank you/thanks, hello/hi

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 4 Introduce yourself to other students: nice to meet you

  • Grammar: St.B.p. 4. Ver to be and pronouns:I/you/he/she...Grammar Bank.St.B.p. 122.rules and exercises.

  • Phonetics: St.b.p. 5. english sounds like in fish,tree,cat,boot,train,bike. Write words under the columns. Group a. St.b.p.5. underline the stressed words.e.g. hotel, coffee,pizz

  • Homework: a handout with exercises of the verb to be and personal pronouns