Wednesday, November 02, 2011



  • Homework: A formal letter to be collected. applying for a job.

  • Speaking. Main guidelines for speaking in Certificación:rules and photos to practise.

  • Vocabulary: St.B.p. 12. Funny ha-ha?.Define a cartoon, a joke, a comedy and a comedian. Match words and definitions, words with more than one meaning.e.g. funny meaning strange or that makes you laugh. Explain the difference between funny/fun/make fun of.

  • Speaking: St.B.p. 13. "Have you got a sense of humour?" Talk as much as you can about the questions using the specific vocabulary.

  • Listening: St.B.p. 13. Listen to three jokes. What makes them funny?

  • Phonetics: St.B.p. 13. difference between joking and choking.

  • Homework: St.B.p. 14. The reading exercise: "Danger, sense of humour" and pick up a set of photos to describe them.For the speaking activity, don´t write a single word.