Wednesday, January 11, 2012



  • Speaking: This is another set of photos for you to describe. Try to develop a speech once you have described them.

  • Homework: English Grammar in Use, chapeters 5,6,15,16

  • Voacabulary: parts of the car and types of transport.

  • Grammar: How intersting! , what a beautiful day!,what bad luck!

  • Listening: a video about Sydney. Listen for details: each pair of students concentrated on taking notes from specific parts of the listening.

  • Writing: Transactional letters, part 2 : requesting information. A composition for next Wednesday based on the exercise"Nannies wanted".

  • Speaking: A student described a photo.

  • Homework: Reading on page 40, workbook, section 3A and finish the chapters of the grammar.


  • Homework: Workbook, section 2C

  • Vocabulary: Jobs. oral practice: is he a pilot?, yes ,he is/no, he isn´t , are you a nurse?. Yes,I am/no, I'm not. What does he do?, he´s a receptionist, what do you do?, I'm a journalist. All these by asking and answering questions done in pairs.

  • Grammar: Possession ´s. A power point with many examples. St.b.p. 114, we saw the rules and did a couple of exercises. A set of activities about possession to do oral practice " number one is Jim's hat" and some others to write sentences "whose pen is this? ,it's Kumiko's"

  • Listening: A song called "Something Stupid". fill in the blanks with the verbs. In a song you don´t have to understand evcerything becuase now it´s impossible.

  • Vocabulary: The family. St.b.p. 145. Meanings of wors, repetition of words to get the right pronunciation and speaking practice: Who´s Martha?, she´s Rober's grandmother.

  • Homework: Make your own famili tree, workbook, section 2D and a page of the exercises we didn´t finish in class.