Saturday, January 14, 2012



  • Homework: workbook, section 3A , chapters about narrative tenses.

  • Speaking: Two students described pictures and their mistakes were checked on the board.

  • Phonetics: Regular past tenses. Oral practice.

  • Speaking: St.b.p. 39. Have you ever got lost?/run out of petrol?.

  • Reading: St.B.p."I will survive". Read and answer the questions.

  • Listening: St.B.p. 41. The end of the story with full questions to answer and true-false statements.

  • Vocabulary: St.B.p.41. Strong adjectives: ugly-hideous, hot-boiling...

  • Grammar: Third conditional statements. Grammar Bank, St.b.p. 134: rules and exercises.

  • Homework: Exercises on the third conditional. Study the strong adjectives. A composition, transactional letter :"Nannies wanted"


  • Homework: Workbook, section 2D,exercises about possession: 's

  • Speaking: The Simpsons , members of the family and possessions. Your own family tree. "Who´s this?, he´s Lorna's brother". More exercises about family and relations."Who´s your mother's father?, your grandfather"

  • Grammar: some exercises with family trees

  • Phonetics: Charles´s, James´s, Alice´s. St.b.p. 23. Consonanat sounds: bag
    ,thumb,mother,monkey,nose ,house.

  • Listening: St.b.p. 23. Listen to Sarah talking about her family. Label the photos. Script on page 115, 2.15.

  • Writing: An informal e-mail and letter.St.b.p.25. We saw the layout of an informal letter and the structure following some questions. See the difference between an e-mail and a letter. Write a letter to a penfriend about you, use your own personal information. I'll collect it next Tuesday.

  • Video: At a hotel. St.B.p. 24. Vocabulary: match the words with the symbols. Answer two questions with the dialogue covered and complete the dialogue with the missing words.

  • Homework: a letter for next Tuesday and for Thursday do the exercises in St.B. pages 26 and 27