Wednesday, January 18, 2012



  • Homework: Exercises on the third conditional. I collected the compositions, so if you didn´t come to class, please ,send them to me.

  • Vocabulary: St.b.p.44. "Divorced,beheaded, died.." A quiz about historical and political issues. Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 150. The battle of Hastings and the English Civil War. All the new words were explained and examples were given.

  • Song: St.B.p. 43 "Stand by me" Complete the sentences. You have the lyrics in the student´s CD I gave you at the beginning of the course. Cd2, track 7.

  • Reading: A certificación exam .

  • Listening: A certificación exam.Audio

  • Homework: Workbook, sections 3A and 3B. Study the new vocabulary


  • Homework: St.B.p. 26,27. Review of lesson 2.

  • Vocabulary: St.b.p. 28. Section 3A."Pretty woman". Adjectives. USA quiz. Match the adjectives and the nouns. e.g. yellow taxis. Vocabulary Bank, St,B,p.146. Listen and repeat the adjectives, match the words with the drawings, write sentences with the adjectives and the nouns.e.g. it´s a dangerous shark, it´s an expensive watch. Remember the use of the indefinite article a+consonant/an+vowel: a rich woman,an old man . Opposite adjectives: big-small, clean-dirty. A game with adjectives.

  • Grammar: St.b.p. 126. Rules and exercises.

  • Homework: a letter to a penfriend, workbook, p.21 (don´t do the reading exercise) and 22.
  • Test: Next Thursday a grammar and vocabulary test (unit 2) and also a reading and listening test