Monday, February 27, 2012



  • Homework: Grammar, chapters 99,103,106.

  • Speaking: Describe a photograph.

  • Grammar: Linking words. A handout with connectors and examples.

  • Writing: Narrative consequences. Write a story with your classmate folding the paper so you can´t see what your classmate has written. This is to check grammar cohesion buy not coherence. Narrative tenses: order the sequence of events following the linking words.

  • Vocabulary: Review of clothes and expressions that go with them.

  • Listening: A video about a shop owner. True-false statement,full questions with answers and fill in the gaps.

  • Homework: A class discussion based on St.B.p. 56 Why men don´t iron. A reading, St.B.p. 58,59 to put titles to each section.


  • Homework: A composition "Your typical weekend",a reading about James Blunt.

  • Reading: St.B.p. 30,31. "How Stressed". Voacabulary and expressions of frequency.

  • Speaking: Communication,St.B.p. 108, 111. Ask questions about the reading. Tell your classmate your daily routines, what you usually do using all the verbs and expressions you know.

  • Listening: Simon´s day. St.B.p. 31. Listen and answer the questions.REad the scrirpt and check your answers. Exercises, script, audio.

  • Grammar: Adverbs of frequency. Grammar Bank, St.B.p. 126. Rules and a couple of exercises. Exercises about frequency adverbs: we only did the first page.

  • Homework: Do the second page of the set of exercises of frequency adverbs (unit 35) and the reading in St.B.p. 32,33. You have to put a title for each section.