Wednesday, February 22, 2012


  • Homework: A composition was collected.
  • Grammar: Adjective word order. St.b.p. 53. Correct the mistakes. Grammar bank,St,B.p. 136. rules and exercises. english grammar in Use. chapters 99,103,106. for those students who need to review the comparative and superlative adjectives, work chapters 105,107 and 108.
  • Speaking: Dictation drawing using adjectives.
  • Vocabulary: Clothes and words, verbs and expressions related.
  • Homework: Chapters mentioned above.
  • Homework: A composition about daily routines, workbook, p. 23,24
  • Vocabulary: Common verbs in simple present.
  • Daily routines.
  • Listening: Read the questionnaire and write down your answers . Listen to the questions and repeat. Audio. Listen to the interview and write down your answers.Audio
  • Speaking: Interview your classmate. Ask your classmate: What time do you have breakfast?, what time do you get up?...
  • Phonetics: Sentence stress. seven o´clock. Audio
  • Frequency adverbs: Match sentences. Position of frequency adverbs.
  • Speaking: Say sentences using frequency adverbs, e.g. I never drink coffee.
  • Reading: Read the article and answer the questions.
  • Homework : A composition titled "You weekend" using as many verbs as you can from the list of verbs of the vocabulary.