Monday, March 19, 2012



  • Speaking: Photo descripton. Pair work.

  • Vocabulary: Animals. Vocabulary Bank, St.B.p. 154. Match the words with the photos. More animals. Have a look at the weg page at the beginning of the exercises, it´ll enable you to do more exercises related to the topic.

  • Speaking: aninals. St.b.p. 70.e.g. Which animals are you most afraid of?, have you got any pets? Questions to talk and develop a conversation.

  • Grammar: Present perfect simple and continuous.

  • Homework: Try to do a couple of pages and we´ll carry on on Wednesday. Reading, St.b.p. 68,69.

  • Homework: Exercises on the simple present.

  • Report. Blog. Some interesting pages to work.

  • Video: In a coffee shop. St.b.p. 36. Vocabulary, listening and speaking activities.

  • Writing: My favourite day. St.b.p. 37. Exercises on connerctors such as and, but, or, then, after, before.

  • Homework: Write an article about your favourite day following the instructions on St.B.p. 37.